February 22, 2011

International ‘good cup of tea’ day

The 170th anniversary of Catherine’s death will be  a very significant celebration this year for members of the Mercy network.

The instruction that Catherine gave regarding the sisters having a ‘good cup of tea’ together after she had gone has captured the imagination of Mercies over the years and has become an iconic image of care and hospitality.

We plan to mark the 170th anniversary (11/11/11) by an international ‘good cup of tea’ day asking all our Sisters, Associates, Partners in Ministry and all those ministered to by Mercy to partake in a sponsored cup of tea event. We invite them to donate the proceeds to Mercy International Association in order to support its mission of keeping alive the founding spirit of Catherine among peoples of the world in need of God’s compassion and Mercy.

Messages to Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA



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