September 11, 2015

Invitation: Join in the Letter Writing Campaign for the Cause for Beatification

In response to many requests from Sisters, Collaborators, Associates and Co-workers, we intend to organise a 'Write a letter to Pope Francis' campaign.

This initiative proposes that as many people as possible who are in contact with Sisters of Mercy and/or who have been influenced in any way by the charism of Mercy as lived and shared by Catherine McAuley are invited to write a letter to Pope Francis for the inauguration of the Jubilee year of Mercy. This letter could include gratitude for the initiative of the year of Mercy and asking that Venerable Catherine McAuley might be beatified during the Holy year.

Helpful suggestions for the content of the letter and instructions for mailing it to Pope Francis are shared here to assist us all.

Helpful suggestions for letterwriting

Letters should be sent to the Pope and the copy to Brenda Dolphin rsm, Postulator for the Cause by Mercy Day. All the letters that Sr Brenda receives will be printed and bound in book form for presentation to Pope Francis on 12 December 2015.

The Vice postulators would appreciate hearing from you that you have written such a letter. Please take a moment to send a brief email to your Vice postulator to let her know you have done so.  Contact details are in the letter

NB: Please pass on this invitation through your ministry, community and personal networks to all those influenced by Catherine McAuley and the charism of Mercy.

Messages to: the Vice postulators

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