March 13, 2012

Invitation to Participate in On-Line Mercy Theological Reflection Course

Mercy International Association is exploring options for on-line courses in theological reflection and Mercy spirituality.

You are invited to consider being part of a pilot group of eight students who will engage with others in the Mercy World in studying and applying the theological reflection process through a Mercy lens.

The framework for the course was developed by Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA) and is entitled Foundations of Theological Reflection.  This course provided by Duquesne will be adapted to include readings from Mercy scholars and case studies from Mercy ministries to enhance conversation and study.  This Mercy-adapted course will be facilitated by Mercy biblical scholar Kathleen Rushton rsm (Aotearoa New Zealand).

Participation is limited to the first eight people who apply, and there is no fee for participation in this pilot program.  All course materials will be provided electronically.  The course discussions will be conducted through group video conferencing, so all participants will need access to a computer with a web camera, microphone, speakers (or headset) and strong Internet connection.  No prior theological study is required.
The first web conference is anticipated to be held during the week of May 7th.  The time of the webinars will be determined based upon the time zones represented by the participants.

The course as created by Duquesne University is part of their Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation programme designed for people involved in Christian ministry.  This programme aims to provide the best resources available on practising social analysis in ministry, resolving conflicts, establishing peace and justice, and respecting the integrity of creation.   It strives to facilitate collaboration with others, both during training and in ministry, as this collaboration will allow people to enhance each other’s experience and build solidarity in their ministry.

The aims of the theological reflection course, as defined by Duquesne, are to:
• Gain a basic understanding of the major components of theological reflection as integral to practical/pastoral theology;
• Practise a model of theological reflection in a way appropriate to one’s own ministerial context and goals;
• Begin to develop the habit of theological reflection for oneself as a central competency for ministry and to prepare for the later modules in the Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation programme (if desired).
Continuing education credit is available through Duquesne University. 

For more information on the program offered by Duquesne, click here
To register for the course through Mercy International Association, contact Mary Kay Dobrovolny rsm.

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