February 26, 2014

'It Began with Two'

The spirituality of fundraising assumes relationship: relationship with the Holy One, the Beloved, and with one another.

l-r: Brittany Soracco, Mary Waskowiak rsm
in front of an icon of Catherine McAuley

Catherine McAuley was a woman of relationship. She knew the ups and downs of relationships, the struggles and joys. What a statement she made when asked about the founding of the Order: 'It began with two, Mary Anne Doyle and I.' No new foundation was started by one. Catherine sent her Sisters in small groups, so that the Works of Mercy could be accomplished. More importantly, she wanted the people to see the Sisters in relationship, to invite them to be present at a Sister’s Profession of Vows. More women joined the fledgling community, inspired and motivated by what they saw.

In 2012 the Mercy Leaders and the Board of Mercy International Association (MIA) recognized that the House of Mercy and the Works or Mercy around the world needed a financial base strong enough to sustain them into the future. Congregations are less able to commit financial resources because of the needs for life and ministry sustainability on the home front.

Mary Waskowiak rsm was appointed the first Director of Development-Fundraising and the MIA Office for Development-Fundraising opened in Burlingame, California on 15 August 2012. Shortly after, Ms. Brittany Soracco joined Mary as her administrative assistant and database manager. It began with two.

The congregational Leaders and Board fixed the fundraising goal at 20 million euro by 31 December 2015. The 20 million euro will form the Mercy Endowment Fund, from which the interest earned on the base amount will fund the upkeep of beloved Mercy International Centre and three primary Mercy initiatives: efforts to eliminate the trafficking of women and children; efforts to ensure clean and safe water for all; and efforts to eliminate unsafe and violent mining practices that harm persons and Earth. Mercy’s presence at the United Nations provides a voice and an influence that can have global effect in carrying out these initiatives.

What began with two in Catherine’s day, requires the concerted effort of all of us today . What can you do?

Be a partner, as Catherine and Mary Ann Doyle were, in seeking ways to raise donations for the Mercy Endowment Fund. The creativity of Mercy Sisters, Associates, Partners in Ministry and Friends is endless!
Contact Mary Waskowiak rsm, or her Assistant, Brittany Soracco to learn how to access the Case Statement (PDF) and DVD which tell Mercy’s compelling story for donors of all ages.

In coming issues of Mercy E-news you will learn what each country is doing to make the Mercy Endowment Fund a reality by 2016. Remember, it began with two. Today, we are partnered with one another to build a future full of hope, especially for those most in need of God’s mercy.

Messages to: Mary Waskowiak rsm - Director Development-Fundraising

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