January 22, 2014

Join Us in Prayer Today for the Success of the Geneva II Middle East peace conference (Geneva II)

Today the Geneva II Middle East peace conference (Geneva 11) is being held. It is aimed at ending the Syrian civil war by bringing together the Syrian regime and the Syrian opposition to discuss a transitional government for Syria with full executive powers. The latest UN figures show that nearly two-fifths (40 percent) of the country's 22.5 million pre-war population have now fled their homes – 2.3 million living as refugees abroad and a further 6.5 million displaced within the country.

Patriarch Gregorios III, leader of Catholics in Syria, issued a Statement on 16 January calling for 'a global prayer campaign for peace in Syria, the Holy Land, the Arab world and the whole world.'

MIA joins with the people of Syria and people throughout the world in praying for the success of this peace conference.

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

Editor: Explore the main challenges faced by more than 1.1 million Syrian children as they try to build a new life outside home. View: Interactive: Syria's refugee children or view the detailed multimedia format UNHCR Report: The Future of Syria Refugee Children in Crisis (November 2013)

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