May 01, 2012

Joining the Rio+20 Dialogues! (MGA)

An opportunity has been opened up to civil society to participate in an online sustainable development platform conversation in preparation for Rio+ 20. This initiative is being organized by the UN and the Brazilian government.

It is hoped that people can engage in a dialogue and make some recommendations for heads of state who will participate in the Rio + 20 conference.

Thirty recommendations will be selected (3 from each thematic areas) and presented to heads of state for consideration during high level segment of the Rio +20 conference, June 20-22, 2012.

The website give the steps for participation. Visit the website here.
The purpose of the Rio+20 Dialogues is to enable people to join in sustainable development conversations on ten thematic areas in preparation for the Rio + 20 conference. These include:
1. Oceans
2. Food and nutrition Security
3. Sustainable development for fighting poverty
4. Sustainable energy for all
5. Water
6. Forests
7. Sustainable development as an answer to the economic and financial crises
8. The economics of sustainable development, including sustainable patterns of production and consumption
9. Sustainable cities and innovation
10. Unemployment, decent work and migrations

In addition to this online conversation, the Brazilian government are also organizing the Global Sustainability Dialogues Days which will take place from 16-19 of June 2012 in Rio De Janerio.
Organized around the same 10 themes on the online discussion, the Brazilian government believes that during these 4 days “participants from civil society can connect and share ideas outside of the official UN programme. The aim is to generate innovative proposals for how sustainability can be applied to a range of issues, including: food security, poverty eradication, the economic crisis, sustainable energy for all; water; oceans; sustainable consumption and production; innovation and sustainable cities; unemployment, green jobs and migration.”

Further information on how to follow the Global Sustainability Dialogue days online from June 16-19, 2012 will be forthcoming.

Messages to Aine O'Connor rsm - Mercy Global Action Coordinator at the UN

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