April 08, 2009

Jubilee Homecoming (MIC)

Three sisters from the Mid-Atlantic Community (Americas) spent the last week as participants of the Jubilee Homecoming Programme. Time was given to the blessings of many years of generous service and for the gifts received as well as given. It was a time to drink from Catherine's wellspring and to ponder the story of Mercy. It was time to pray for all in need of Mercy today and to leave with heartful enthusiasm for Mercy in years ahead.

Their reflections include: "This was a time of reverence and intimacy, of ritual and prayer. It was all very moving. Catherine's spirit was deepened in me." "Each experience had its own highlight." "We hope these experiences will continue to be a source of inspiration and rootedness in Mercy for many others." "This was a wonderful way to begin my Jubilee time."

L to R: Sisters Mary Waters, Carol Conly, Caitlín Conneely (Facilitator), Virginia Baeder

At Georges HillAt Catherine's Grave
At CoolockAt Carlow


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