November 12, 2018

Latest Issue of MAST Now Available

The latest issue (Vol. 25, No. 2) of The MAST Journal was recently published.  Editor Eloise Rosenblatt, RSM explains that “Forgiveness” is the theme for this issue. 

Judith Schubert, R.S.M. opens the issue with her article, “Does the Hebrew Bible Feature a God of Forgiveness?”

Fran Repka, R.S.M., tells the story in “Forgiven: A Story from South Africa,” about a mother and father’s long process of extending forgiveness to the tribal murderers of their white daughter, a humanitarian worker for justice and peace in South Africa.

Chorbishop William Leser, presents the seconded part of his extended “Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer” in this issue.

Jane Russell, O.S.F.  who teaches systematic theology at Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina, offers “Forgiveness of Sin: The Church’s Mission”

Marie Micheletto, R.S.M. has a collection of wise counsels in “Remember Me as Loving You.”  A practicing therapist, she responds compassionately to clients who wonder how to resolve their anger at being treated badly.

Pastor Julie Webb, a Mercy Associate, offers one of her sermons, “Forgiven at Jesus’ Feet,” about the sinful woman who appears as a dinner Simon is hosting for Jesus. 

Janice Edwards, R.S.M. presents an archival study in “Catherine McAuley, Clare Moore and Our Community of Friends.”

Doris Gottemoeller, R.S.M. reviews a recent book published by the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, However Long the Night, an anthology of articles on the challenges of going through the Vatican’s doctrinal Investigation of the LCWR from its launch in 2009 to its conclusion in 2012.

The MAST Journal is published three times a year by the Mercy Association in Scripture and Theology.  To subscribe please contact Julia Upton, RSM at or subscribe online on our website at

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