November 06, 2018

Launch of 'In God Alone'-the Story of Catherine McAuley

The premiere of the film,'In God Alone, the Story of Catherine McAuley', was held at Mercy International Centre on Friday 2nd November. In attendance were the MIA Board, Sisters of Mercy, partners-in-Mercy, present and former staff of MIA, consultants, donors and representatives of Mercy Health St Louis Group responsible for the production.

Almost twenty-five years ago the docu-drama 'Circle of Mercy' was made about the life of Catherine McAuley to coincide with the re-opening of the House of Mercy as Mercy International Centre. While the story of this heroic Dublin woman has not changed, it was time for a new version to be created. Creating something of the desired quality was a very long-term fundraising dream for Mercy International Association.

The dream became a reality when in October 2017, CEO, Lynn Britton, and some senior staff from Mercy Health (St Louis) were visiting Mercy International Centre.  They saw the current version and requested, what they named as a privilege, to remake the documentary for Mercy International Association, using the talents and resources of their organisation. Now, twelve months later, after film shoots in both Ireland and the United States, 'In God Alone, the Story of Catherine McAuley' has been produced.

The 23-minute film highlights the extraordinary actions of this remarkable woman who gave all, both in her day-to-day actions and in her financial support, in service of others.  She challenged the existing structures of the Church and society at the time, and toward the end of her life found a way to continue the works of mercy through the establishment of the Sisters of Mercy in 1831.  Today 6000 Sisters of Mercy, 5000 Associates and close to half a million partners-in-Mercy continue to serve throughout the world in 41 countries. This film will enable a new generation of Mercy women and men to explore and be inspired by the life and actions of this selfless woman of Mercy.

The film will have the first US premiere in St Louis on the 5th December.

From 6 December 2018 until 1 March 2019 the film will be available for Mercy groups throughout the world who wish to hold a screening event as a fundraiser for MIA.

For more details about hosting a fundraiser, contact Emma Horgan - MIA Fundraiser

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