August 03, 2016

Learning from the Line of Women: The Visitation

Editor: The Visitation — a story of encounter, hospitality, support, friendship and wisdom— which Kathleen Rushton rsm (ANZ) —not surprisingly then —calls 'the story of mercy' is featured in the August 2016 issue of Tui Motu.

'The actions and language of mercy permeate the opening chapter of the gospel according to Luke and surround the story of mercy known as The Visitation. Two women, Mary and Elizabeth, stand in the biblical tradition of mercy. Mary proclaims that God’s mercy (eleos) is from generation to generation (Lk 1:50) and that God’s care and faithfulness to Israel flow from God’s mercy (eleos)(Lk 1:54). Later in this infancy narrative, Zechariah declares that God “has shown the mercy (eleos) promised to our ancestors, and has remembered God’s holy covenant” (Lk 1:72)...

Messages to: Kathleen Rushton rsm

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Image: iStock. Used under licence

'Learning from the Line of Women' made available with generous permission of Tui Motu

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