March 11, 2024

Lenten Reflections 2024: Magdalene Musau rsm

Mercy International Association invites you to our 2024 Lenten series. Each week, from Ash Wednesday February 14  to March 27, 2024, we will be publishing a reflection by members of Mercy Global Action’s Emerging Leaders Fellowship (MELF). Our theme this year is ‘Opening Our Hearts’. We hope you will find light and inspiration in these reflections and that they enhance and support your Lenten prayer and discernment.

Magdalene Musau rsm, MELF Participant 2022-2023

The presenter for Holy Week is Magdalene Musau rsm from the second cohort of the Mercy Global Action Emerging Leaders Fellowship. Magdalene is from Kenya. She is currently working part time with the Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya as a lecturer and a counsellor. She offers psychological support to individuals and groups. She is passionate about process work whether with individuals or groups. She also works with Mercy Secondary Schools to help students process their life experiences through the title of her book ‘The Change You Want is Within You’. For her lenten reflection, she offers a prayer entitled "The Crucified Leads us" to pause, reflect and discern when we are seeking consolation in our lives.

The Crucified leads us
So that when life gets tough
We remember He has walked this way
When we cry, ‘Abba...why art thou forsaken me!!!

We resonate with the earth shuddering cry
To a God who is Silent!
Who seems indifferent to our suffering.
If God ignores the Son, is there any hope?

Does God care?
Where is God?

When our young women are slain to death
When a couple loses eleven family members to drowning
When Innocent children, expectant mothers cry
When the immobile elders are bombed in Israel, Palestine, Congo, Ukraine
When evil thrives and good suffocates.
And we wonder what’s the point of life.

Does God still walk with us?
Where do we find consolation?
This, Lenten season,
May we pause, reflect and discern.
I pray that we find our GPS
Hence, we shall refine, reignite our point of reference.
And restore our derailed lives.
Then at last we shall shout, ‘alleluia!’ We are risen!

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