May 26, 2019

'Let us pray well and never grow weary.'

Editor: In the Introduction to ‘Morning and Evening Prayer of the Sisters of Mercy’, we read that ‘In her Retreat Instructions, Catherine McAuley reminded the newly founded Sisters of Mercy that “our centre is God from whom all our actions should spring as from their source” (p.154) and “our whole life should be a continual act of praise and prayer” (p. 44).' The authors continue: "Our shared prayer centers us in the paschal mystery, opens us to the needs of the world, and strengthens us for mission.’

Prayers have been prayed in the Baggot Street chapel for the needs of our world for 190 years — since 4 June 1829 when the chapel was solemnly blessed by Archbishop Murray. An account of this day can be found in Mary C. Sullivan’s ‘The Path of Mercy’.

Donors, Benefactors and all who have requested prayers in the prayer spaces on our website— the chapel, Catherine’s graveside, her canonisation prayer centre— in the Oratory, or in the Book of Intentions in the Chapel, are remembered by those who gather for Morning Prayer at Mercy International Centre.

Join us in person or online in praying for the intentions of all those who have asked for our prayers.

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