August 20, 2006

Light a candle for peace in the world says Mercy International Justice Network

Mercy International Justice Network coordinators are inviting all Mercy Sisters, Associates and Companions across the globe to join them in a worldwide ritual of lighting a candle and praying for world peace on the 24th of each month.

The practice began in October 2001, following the 2nd Mercy International Justice Network conference in South Africa, where members resolved to focus their prayers and action on all forms of violence against women and children, as well as all kinds of racism. The conference opened on the night of September 11 2001 and so the events of that day in New York City deeply affected us as we immersed ourselves in the work at hand. At this time the suffering of the people in the Middle East as well as in many other parts of the world seem to be calling us to make a renewed effort to re-commit to this candle lighting and praying ritual.

The worldwide ritual will resume with renewed energy on the 24th August in Tonga, and progress westwards around the globe, as Mercy women and men light candles to pray for world peace. The candle lighting will end in Samoa, with the Sisters of Mercy in Leulumoega completing the international circle of prayers. We will continue this ritual each month on the 24th.

Messages to Angela Hartigan rsm FPP Africa
Helen Owens rsm FPP Asia Pacific
Sheila O'Gorman rsm FPP Europe
Deborah Watson rsm FPP Latin America and Caribbean
Dale Jarvis rsm FPP North America

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