December 11, 2006

LIVE Television Broadcast and Webcast celebration of 175 years of Mercy - UPDATED SUNDAY 17/12)

On Sunday December 17th Ireland’s national television station RTE will broadcast A Eucharistic Celebration of 175 years of Mercy, presided over by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin on television in Ireland and via the RTE website to the world (Webcast).

The music and singing will be by Sisters of Mercy, Colleagues and Associates. We are inviting Sisters of Mercy and Associates world-wide to join with us in this celebration.

UPDATED 17/12 at 4.15am Irish Time

The canonisation logo of Catherine McAuley is already on the home page on announcing that the Mass will commence at 11.15am Irish Time.

Preparation Prior to 17th December

To find out what time the webcast will be where you live, log on to which provides current local times around the world and using the Time Zone Converter (see below) fill in the details shown below.

In the 'Select time and place to convert from', put in December 17 2006 11/11am 25 Ireland-Dublin (see graphic below).

In the 'Select place to convert to', choose from the drop down menu and put your location (see graphic below).


Logging on to the webcast

To access the webcast you will need a computer with internet access, speakers and either Windows Media Player or Real Player.

To find out if you have Windows Media Player or Real Player, go to the following link and go to the news section

Click on the 'Watch the News' link in the left hand column on the RTE News page (see graphic below).

If you can view the news on video on RTE you will be able to see the webcast on December 17th. If you cannot view it, go to either of the following links for a free download of either Windows Media Player or Real Player.

You are advised to test this out well in advance of the webcast on December 17th.


On December 17th

Early on Sunday morning (Irish Time) prior to the webcast, the Canonisation logo (see image below) will appear somewhere on the homepage of the RTE website (

There will be a short piece of text accompanying the logo which will be worded something like 'You can watch the Sisters of Mercy TV Mass here at 11.25am'. No other text reference will appear on the site.

Update 13/12

Under the Canonisation logo there wll be three links to the webcast .You will have the option of choosing either the Windows Media Player or Real Player version. Choose the one that matches what you already know works for you.

An audio only link will also be added to the site for those who are unable to view the webcast.

After the Broadcast/Webcast

After the broadcast/ webcast send your impressions/reactions/responses to Feedback will be collated and shared.

Enquiries about these instructions to

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