July 26, 2014

Marking World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on 30 July

Editor: Meeting in a private audience at the Vatican with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby on 14 June at the Vatican, Pope Francis affirmed the 'generosity and courage' of those working to oppose Human Trafficking, calling it an 'intolerable crime against human dignity' and singling out 'the network of action against trafficking in women created by a number of women's religious institutes.' Sisters of Mercy across the globe are active members of these 'networks of action'.

In this coming week's issue (no 576) of Mercy E-news, to be published on World Day against Trafficking in Persons, Wednesday 30 July, we focus on the issue of Opposing Human Trafficking.

In the 40+ countries where Sisters of Mercy and our Partners in Ministry serve, we support trafficked persons, provide programmes to educate about exploitative practices and lobby for change to this 'crime against humanity' (Pope Francis).

How will you mark this day?

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