June 19, 2007

Mary Trainer rsm at Mercy International Centre

Members of the team and volunteers were given a special treat with a session with Mary Trainer rsm on the 14th June. Mary was facilitating a retreat and was happy to share the story of the beginnings of MIC with us. The purpose of this session was, in the words of T S Eliot “To remember the past’ so that we can ‘live in the present, and ‘prepare for the future’.


As a facilitator of the process of moving the decision of the Irish Sisters of Mercy in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s to hand over their Baggot Street convent to the global Mercy community to become the Mercy International Centre, Mary was able to share with us the story of this movement. Her passion and enthusiasm for her subject was infectious, inspiring us as team members and volunteers, to continue “to fulfill Catherine’s dream of fostering unity of mind and heart among all her daughters”, to meet the “ongoing challenge” at this Centre of “reimaging Mercy alive in its contemporary expressions”, and to “search to find means to assist in focusing our energies on global questions”. (Proposal for World Mercy Centre, December 1990).

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