April 15, 2014

Memorial Garden, Brick Wall and Rill

The Memorial Garden, Wall & Rill are three important developments from the beginnings of Mercy International Centre. These are still in existence and are explained as part of official tours. Tours are available by appointment on weekdays, usually at 10.00am. An interactive tour of Baggot Street is available here

The Memorial Garden (former cemetery) is a place of peace in busy Dublin and visitors are amazed to find it among tall buildings almost in the centre of town. Guests and staff also appreciate its space and beauty on a sunny day. Fifty Sisters were buried here from the time Catherine died - 11th November 1841 - to the end of 1883 when Sr M Agatha Vincent Byrne died (28 December 1883). A virtual tour has been created of the Memorial Garden.


       Young Mercy Leaders relax in the Memorial Garden during the talent show in 2013. The bed of Catherine McAuley
       roses can be seen in the midst of the gathering.

Prior to Catherine’s death thirteen Sisters were buried at St Teresa’s Church in Clarendon Street, Dublin (just off Grafton Street). Plaques acknowledging all these Sisters are found on a wall in the garden. A virtual tour of this first Mercy resting place can be found here.

A bed of Catherine McAuley roses was planted last year between Catherine’s grave and the back wall of the garden. The roses bloomed very well in their first year and have recently been pruned for the first time. We are hoping for some wonderful blooms to celebrate 20 years. The story of how the Catherine McAuley rose came to Baggot Street can be read here.

Since 1993 benefactors have been invited to contribute to the continuing restoration and upkeep of Catherine’s home by making a donation. Donations are acknowledged according to the wishes of the donor by the placement of a plaque on the Memorial Wall at the end of the garden. Donations to the equivalent of 500 euro are gratefully accepted at any time. Donations can be made online here.

At the opening and dedication of Mercy International Centre in 1994, Sisters from seventeen countries brought water from home and poured it into the garden rill to symbolise the return of Mercy to its roots. Countries represented at that time were: Tonga, Newfoundland, The Americas, Ireland, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, Wales, Kenya, Great Britain, Philippines, Peru, Jamaica, Australia, Western Samoa, Belize and Argentina.


How wonderful it would be if the other countries in which Sisters are working in 2014 could add a contribution of water during the 20th anniversary celebrations in September!

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