August 20, 2013

Mercies Mobilise for Global Frackdown Day- 19 October 2013

Mercy International Association, through Mercy Global Action, is inviting all Mercy Sisters and Colleagues to participate in or organise events for Global Frackdown Day on 19 October 2013.

These events should highlight Mercy concerns with fracking, especially the threats to drinking water, the environment and to community harmony which we have been highlighting in e news over the last months.

Possible Actions for Global Frackdown Day could be as follows:–

  • Wear a Mercy Common t-shirts -- - get a design from MIA and print on your banners/tee shirts for the day
  • Hold a Common Mercy signs at public meetings/rallies on fracking– design from MIA
  • Show a film on the dangers of fracking e.g. Gasland
  • Organise a concert with education on the issue of fracking (speakers/video)
  • Organise a letter writing campaign to your local politicians
  • Get your local Bishop to issue a statement voicing Mercy concerns with fracking
  • Hold liturgies and get sisters in retirement centers to say prayers that day
  • Get Mercy institutions – schools and hospitals to participate
  • Write a prayer to send out to communities; light a candle and say the prayer
  • Have some form of ritual showing the response of the air and water to being fracked
  • Get one church to show a film and have some questions and answers
  • Write up what you intend to do and share with Mercies around the world
  • Share photos of our Mercy presence at events with one another and through social media networks so everyone sees how Mercy has participated globally

Messages to: Mary Purcell - Assistant Director Global Action

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