May 02, 2018

Mercy Authors: Have We Details of Your Publications in our MIA Bibliography?

Editor: Some years ago, the Mercy International Research Commision attempted to list all the published books and articles written by or about the Sisters of Mercy since the founding of the Congregation in 1831 through 2007.The list was published on the website in 2009 and is available here.


This list is now ten years out of date. We would like to update it with details of books, journal articles and multimedia productions produced by or about the Sisters of Mercy since 2007. We would also be pleased to receive details of publications prior to 2007 that may have missed being included in the Bibliography when it was first compiled.

This resource is a large, rich, and multifaceted legacy, and given the vastness and diversity of the global Mercy mission, ministries, and family, the content of the Bibliography itself is probably the closest we will ever come to any 'history' of the Sisters of Mercy in the world.

Mercy authors: you are invited to fill in details of your publications on this form on the website. Listings of publications up to 2007 can be checked  here

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Image: A selection of the Mercy publications held in the Baggot Street library. The icon of Catherine McAuley which hangs in the library is by Susan Kelly vonMedicus. Photo: Anne Walsh

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