February 16, 2004

Mercy Award

Congratulations to Dr. Julia Upton, RSM, Brooklyn Region who recently received an award from St. John's University " for extraordinary performance in her capacity as Provost during academic year 2002-2003." The award was granted under the University's Exceptional Performance Award program, which is open to a limited number of St. John's administrators and staff whose performance has far exceeded the expectations established at the beginning of the performance cycle and whose behavior role models that of the University's mission and values.

 Julia Upton

"In Dr. Upton's case, the academic leadership and vision that she has continued to show as Provost indicates a level of progress that continues to exceed expectations. Moreover, her broad institutional perspective has enabled the academic and administrative sectors to forge a partnership that has accelerated our progress as an institution. Dr. Upton has been able to motivate the deans and retain the respect of her faculty colleagues while forging institutional change at an unprecedented pace. Dr. Upton has accomplished all this while continuing to pursue her scholarly endeavors and remaining connected to students by teaching a freshman class."

(Julie Upton RSM can be contacted at uptonj@stjohns.edu )

Ellen Smith, RSM

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