July 17, 2019

Day Two: 'Mercy Begins with Me' T-Shirt Day

Editor: T-shirts are significant not only as souvenirs of events, but as promoters of brands, representing and defining a group's or organisations's image and issues. Our 'brand' is Mercy.

On Wednesday pilgrims, presenters, chaperones, volunteers and staff wore their 'Mercy Begins with Me' T-shirts to be identifiable to one another on the walking tour of Dublin and, by wearing the T-shirt in public, sending out a message that our Mercy 'brand' is one we are proud of and worth others checking out.

Three group photos were taken in the newly completed Sacred Garden.

Students, Chaperones, Presenters, Volunteers, Staff in the newly completed learning space in the Sacred Garden
Sisters sitting with Catherine in part of the newly created contemplative space in the Sacred Garden
Back Row: L-R: Srs Anna Nicholls, Frances Kennedy, Patricia O'Donovan, Marie Cox, Elizabeth Mcnamee, Margaret Scroope, Mary Reynolds
Middle Row: Srs Carita Irwin, Phil Murphy
Front Row: Srs Teresa Nolan, Catherine, Terry Saetta, Lila Galvin, Mary Conway, Yvonne Hanna
Presenters, Chaperones, Staff, Volunteers in the Learning space.
Participants in programmes and other events will be able to be seated in this area for an outdoor activity.

As an organisation committed to addressing degradation of Earth, one of our two MIRP themes, MIA is conscious of fulfilling our own social responsibility. During the pilgrimage this is being done in a number of ways including the following:

The conference T-shirts are made from fair trade certified organic cotton, the conference bags are 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is farmed without pesticides, using natural methods. Drinking water is provided in a box with paper cups that are compostable. Water-in-a-Box as it is called is certified BPA Free meaning the packaging does not contain BPA chemicals. The box is fully recyclable.

In the morning students experienced the first of the three keynote presentations they will attend over two days (Wednesday and Thursday). The presentations are being given by Marian Gardner (MIA-MGA Intern), Janine Nagle (Drama Teacher), and Ann Mara and JP O'Sullivan (MECPATHS). 

Keynotes are being followed by Workshops on Wednesday and Thursday. These are on Discernment (Terry Saetta rsm and panel), Guided meditation/prayer in the Sacred Garden (Anna Nicholls rsm), Environmental action (Colleen Cloonan, MIA-MGA) and Mindfulness (Mary Conway rsm).

[We will report on the keynotes and workshops tomorrow once all pilgrims have had the opportunity to participate in these.]

On Wednesday afternoon the pilgrims, in mixed groups of five, walked in the footsteps of Catherine, visiting eight of the places important in her story. At each of the places they were met by an MIA staff member and volunteer who talked about the place, its significance in Catherine's story and in a number of instances, involved them in a related activity.

The Closing process in the school auditorium was followed by Mercy Evening Prayer and Dinner.

The day's activities finished at 7.30pm.

Reports on the activities for each remaining day of the pilgrimage will be posted on the Mercyworld.org website and appear in Mercy eNews on 24 July 2019

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