February 05, 2004

Mercy Centre for Ecology and Justice Opens

On Thursday, January 29, 2004, we were delighted to hold a Celebration of Blessing for the official opening of our new Mercy Centre for Ecology and Justice.


Sister Helen leads the Assembly in Blessing

Gathered around a centre which held symbols of earth, water, fire and air, we began the ritual with a Gathering Song during which Emmagene Bordon used her drum to remind us of the presence of God's spirit in all of life. In her greeting, Sister Mary Tee, Coordinator, noted that we gathered to return a blessing for all that we have received, noting, in particular, the energy that was given to the universe at its creation and the energy of God's love that continues to sustain it. Through a number of readings and refrain, we were reminded of the spirit and presence of our founding sisters whose spirit lives on in, with and through us today. We then moved into the Mercy Centre for Ecology and Justice carrying the symbols to create a new centre around which we continued in prayer - that we may learn from earth respect for all life forms; from water the grace to be fluid; from fire the energy to bring about positive change; and from air an appreciation for freedom.

Gathering of Symbols

Gathering of Symbols

In preparing for the blessing, we held in prayer the people of the world, while we extended our hands to gather a blessing for them and the whole of creation. In her Prayer, Sister Helen Harding prayed that we may reach from this Centre in mercy and justice for the restoration of our original blessings of peace, harmony and balance in all of creation. Using a lighted candle, sage and sweet grass (symbolizing masculine and feminine energy), Helen returned blessings to every part of the Centre while we sang together verses of Sing of a Blessing.

The ritual closed with the song "Weaving a Tapestry of Justice. We were pleased that many of our Associates were able to be with us for the Blessing as well as the reception which was held prior to the opening.

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