February 10, 2004

Mercy Community Health Celebrates Its PEARLS

Mercy Community Health celebrates its Pearls: Accentuate The Positive– A Celebration in Song & Story was enjoyed by residents of The McAuley Residence, St. Mary Home and Mercyknoll in early January. The celebration was sponsored by P.E.A.R.L. (Positive Earth Actions Renew Life) a not for profit group seeking to promote positive news and advocacy for present day people who are working for justice, non-violence and a healthy planet. P.E.A.R.L. presents these stories in a NEWSPAGE and through Storytelling and Mini-Drama and is sponsored in part by the CT Mercy Ministry Fund.

P.E.A.R.L. awards were given to residents of the Mercy Community Health System. S. Helen Margaret Gormally of Mercyknoll was recognized for her many years of ministry with families and children who were emotionally challenged at Highland Heights in New Haven, and with the homeless at St. Elizabeth’s in Hartford. Sister’s openness to change and enthusiasm about being “ears and heart” to those in need have renewed life for many. S.Bridget Mary Kenny of St. Mary Home was recognized for her years of service to educating and listening to the needs of her students and to the homeless who walk the Hartford streets. Witnessing first hand the need for low income housing in Hartford, Sister offered specific examples for the Sisters of Mercy to attend to the homeless in Greater Hartford. Sister’s caring presence and advocacy for those in need made new life possible for many. Dr. Thomas Malone of the McAuley Residence was honored for his multi-faceted efforts on behalf of this planet. Since his youth at a ranch in South Dakota, Dr. Malone’s care for the earth has expanded to include membership of the National Academy of the Sciences, collaboration with many national and international environmental groups, and recipient of many scientific awards for his service. Dr. Malone has most recently promoted The Earth Charter and this month addressed attendees of the Future of Americas Conference in Mexico. His ongoing efforts to promote sustainable development assists our planet’s health and growth into the future. S. Claire Markham who resides at Lourdes Hall at St. Joseph College was recognized for her many life and education efforts to promote a healthy planet. Most recently S. Claire has promoted alternative green energy and The Earth Charter. Presently she is seeking support to promote the Tobin Tax which could foster international cooperation and assist poverty ridden countries to work toward a sustainable future.

Performers for the celebration included Tom Alvord of Middlefield as vocalist and banjo player; Storytellers Sara deBeer, Keith Hughes, MJ Moriarty all of West Hartford and S. Dorothy Mahon of Manchester. Refreshments and conversation were enjoyed by all before travelers bundled up in the cold to take the short trip back to their residences on the Mercy Health Campus.

To suggest a person for a P.E.A.R.L. Award, to have their story told, or just for information, you may contact Sister Dorothy.

Dorothy Mahon, RSM
159 Wadsworth St.
E Manchester CT 06040 860-643-8774

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