September 10, 2017

Mercy Day Greetings 2017 (2)

Mercy Day celebrations this year mark 190 years to the day since the opening of the first House of Mercy, now Mercy International Centre.

Greetings should be sent to by Friday, 22 September to make sure they are published online for Mercy Day.

¡Feliz Día de la Misericordia! Happy Mercy Day!


Dear Partners in Mercy,


As we commemorate the 190th Mercy Day, we pray for all of you as Catherine reminded us, "We should be as the compass that goes round its circle without stirring from its center. Our center is God, from whom all our actions should spring from their source."

We hope that you enjoy your day of celebration!

In Mercy,
Mercy Education System of the Americas Board and Staff


The Mercy Leaders of Carlow University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania send warm Mercy Day greetings to all members of the Mercy family.
We enjoy learning about all of you and pray for blessings on you and all you do.


From the end of the world in Invercargill, NZ, best wishes from the Mercy Schools, Associates and our one amazing Mercy Sister, Maria. Blessings around the world of joy, peace and love for Mercy day 2017!

- Ann Kennelly


Joy and Blessings to each dear Sister.
Celebrate royally Our Lady of Mercy.
Much love,
Sister Rosemary Smith, RSM


Greetings and well wishes from Brisbane Australia.
The connection we have with The Sisters of Mercy is still alive .
My wife was educated tat Saint Catherine's in Coolock .
We we will find out later in the year if our daughter can follow this blessed and beautiful educational path by being educated at All Hallows in Brisbane.

Have a holy and beautiful Mercy Day.



Mark Byrne

Brisbane Australia


Greeting for Mercy Day
Wishing love and the blessing of Catherine on us all especially those who gather in Baggot St for Eucharist on the momentous occasion. With you in Spirit and will be watching on line
-Marie Britza RSM


Greetings to all Mercy people. Wishing everyone a splendid feast day from Dunedin New Zealand.

Love and blessings
-Susan Howard


Tena koutou katoa.
Nga mihi atawhai ki a koutou.
Mercy greetings to you all.

On this 190th anniversary of the opening of the House of Mercy may we all continue to share God’s generous love and tender Mercy to the Earth and to all in our world today.
I te wairua Atawhai
In the spirit of Mercy

-Leadership Team
Nga Whaea Atawhai o Aotearoa
Sisters of Mercy New Zealand



The Sisters of Mercy, Parramatta, Australia and all our partners in ministry wish you a very happy Mercy Day. We hope that wherever you are in our world you will have the opportunity to gather and give thanks for the wonderful gift of Mercy that is our legacy to share with our world and with all people. Happy Mercy Day!

-The Leadership Team, Parramatta:
Mary-Louise Petro, Maria Lawton, Patricia Bolster, Margaret Sheppard and Margaret Jones


United in one heart and spirit on this 190th anniversary of the opening of the first House of Mercy in Baggot St. in 1827, we ask Our Lady of Mercy and Catherine to inspire us with much courage and hope as we continue to celebrate God’s Mercy in our lives and in our world.
Abundant blessings.

- Rosaline O’Connor & Sisters of Mercy
U.S. Province (Congregation).


It was the first day of the new school year here in London. A mother's voice resounded across the school yard as she called to her child, “I love you! I love you!”
On this Feast of Our Lady of Mercy may we hear anew those same words from our God of love and be filled with joy.
We wish all Sisters of Mercy, our Associates and Partners in Ministry a HAPPY and BLESSED FEASTDAY.

-Union of the Sisters of Mercy GB


Joy and Blessings to each dear Sister.
Celebrate royally Our Lady of Mercy.
Much love,
- Sister Rosemary Smith, RSM
West Midwest



 -Religious Sisters of Mercy (Philippines)


Warm greetings for Mercy Day to all.
"Grass may fade
Flowers wither
But the Word of God lasts forever". Isaiah 40:8

May the Word be alive and vibrant in us this Mercy Day
and help us to make this world a better place to live for all.

From all in 49 Hollymount, Blarney Road, Cork.
Mary Noreen Joan and Judy


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