September 15, 2017

Mercy Day Greetings 2017 (3)

Mercy Day celebrations this year mark 190 years to the day since the opening of the first House of Mercy, now Mercy International Centre.

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¡Feliz Día de la Misericordia! Happy Mercy Day!


Every Mercy Day we are invited to renew our passion for religious life impelled by our Mercy charism. For Sisters of Mercy in Newfoundland and Peru, in response to the invitation of this year’s Mercy Day, we have dared to see beyond our decreasing numbers and whiter hair into new energy and new hope. The Reflection Process has given us the wisdom and the courage to become engaged in an energizing global movement to shape Mercy Global Presence as one more faith-filled way to champion inclusion and integral ecology in response to the displacement of persons and the degradation of Earth. Our recent Chapter, with its poignant theme, Mercying into the Future . . . Misericordiando hacia el futuro . . ., has sent us forth on our journey in a daring and wonder-filled direction. Both Mercy Global Presence and Mercying into the Future . . . Misericordiando hacia el futuro . . . demand that we walk our journey with fine companions – Sisters of Mercy worldwide, partners in Mercy worldwide and Earth herself. Catherine told us that “Our charity is to be cordial. Now cordial signifies something that renews, invigorates and warms ~ Nuestro respeto y Caridad mutual debe ser ‘cordial.’ Ahora ‘cordial’ significa algo que recibe, vigoriza y calienta.” And so, with renewed joy and vigor, we greet our Sisters of Mercy, our partners in Mercy and Earth, “¡Feliz y Cordial Día de la Misericordia! Happy and Cordial Mercy Day!”

-Sisters of Mercy in Newfoundland and Peru


May each Sister of Mercy celebrate our feastday knowing that the God of mercy sent his Son into this world of ours to save us.
May we continue to show compassion to one another and to all the people we meet every day.
Happy Mercy Day!
-Nancy Clarke


May we continue to truly be Women of Mercy. Happy Feast!
-Mary Brigid Danaher, RSM


What a great women Catherine has been in my life! I was so lucky to go to Bagged St this year. I felt Catherine's presence in her bed room. What a great woman.
I wish all the Sisters of Mercy a happy 190 years of Catherine's house. I am so happy I have her in my heart. I work in a family violence place in Melboune, Australia call McAuley Care
God bless all the Sisters of Mercy.
Love you Catherine.

-Dawn Cadman


I pray that peace and gratitude will fill the hearts of all Sisters of Mercy throughout the world. I, also, pray that those who have experienced harshness from Mercy Sisters in their ministry over the past 190 years may be blessed with peace of mind and that their negative memories may, by God's grace and compassion, be healed.
-Bernadette McDonnell RSM, Cois Abhann, Athlone


Happy Mercy Day wishes to all people of Mercy! What a great charism we have been blessed with.
-Magdalene Musau rsm Kenyan Province




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