September 21, 2017

Mercy Day Greetings 2017 (5)

Mercy Day celebrations this year mark 190 years to the day since the opening of the first House of Mercy, now Mercy International Centre.

Greetings should be sent to by Friday, 22 September to make sure they are published online for Mercy Day.

¡Feliz Día de la Misericordia! Happy Mercy Day!


To: All the Sisters of Mercy throughout the world. May Mercy Day be a Blessed one for everyone. May Mercy shine on us all as we cope with a world of change and uncertainty. Let us pray for one another especially on the 24th September 2017.

God Bless,

Veronica O’Brien Belfast N.Ireland


Happy Mercy Day to all who are connected through our Mercy Global Presence!

As the MIRProcess Review Document says so eloquently:

'Now is the time to take the next steps on this mercy-filled, joy-filled journey in Mercy.
In a global world, there will be a Mercy Global Presence.
In a world of displacement, Mercy Global Presence will champion inclusion.
In a world of degradation of the environment, Mercy Global Presence will realize its oneness in the sacred communion of all creation.
The Mercy world has heard “the cry of Earth and the cry of the Poor” in a new way.'

Adele Howard rsm (Australia)


Greetings and a million blessings to all of you in Mercy. Thank you for your caring and sharing throughtout the year, Very much appreciated.

Mary Concannon
39 TM


Happy Mercy Day. May all people in our broken world realize that the God of Mercy is for all people. Our founder Venerable Catherine was a shining example of Mercy for all.

Geraldine Mason



Mercy Day greetings from the Saint Joseph's College community!

Saint Joseph's joins the international Mercy family in celebrating Mercy Day and the 190th anniversary of the establishment of the House of Mercy. As we celebrate Catherine McAuley and our Mercy heritage during Mercy Week on our campus, we do so joined with our Mercy family around the globe! In the words of Catherine McAuley, "We should be as shining lamps, giving light to all around us."

-Michael E. Sanderl, Ed.D.
Vice President & Chief Sponsorship and Mission Integration Officer



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