September 04, 2016

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The great feast that unites the Mercy world is Mercy Day, 24 September.
Sharing greetings online in this Year of Mercy when 24 September holds for us all an even greater significance.


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 ‘In Mercy, we join with one another on our journey’
In Mercy,
we the Sisters of Mercy North Sydney,
wish each of the Sisters, Associates and Colleagues,
very blessed and joyous celebrations,
especially during this ‘Jubilee Year of Mercy’.


Greetings and blessings to all our Sisters in Mercy, from The Sunderland Sisters UK!


May all know the peace and challenge of Mercy on this Mercy Day in the Year of Mercy.
Jane Bower, Companion in Mercy


 A Mercy Benedictus

To the tender loving Mercy of our
mighty God
we give glory and praise.
He is among us
freeing us from our self made fetters,
opening the doors we lock;
reaching out to touch and heal our
hurt and pain.

Down the ages and across the world
He shows the mercy promised to His people,
breaking into darkness
with the fresh and tender light of dawn,
the Mercy that is Jesus
asking us to make Him
our Way, our Truth, our Life.

Sister Joan McNamara RSM UK 1994

In this special Year of Mercy, the Sisters of the Institute of Our Lady of Mercy, UK
send greetings to our Mercy Family for a peaceful and joyous celebration.
May the God of Mercy bestow many choice graces and blessings on each one.
May our efforts to follow the vision of Catherine bring healing and hope to our broken world.
Happy Feast Day.


I wish all Mercy Sisters many blessings on Mercy Day and always.
Claire Nugent


Sending special Mercy Day greetings to all who have been involved in MIRP during this year—co-ordinators, facilitators, participants, friends, collaborators and those who have watched and prayed with us—wishing you rich blessings of the God of Mercy on this day together with sincere thanks for your exploration of mercy in the Year of Mercy.

- Elaine Wainwright rsm



Associates of the Sisters of Mercy Brisbane Congregation send greetings to all Mercy Associates around the Globe. “May the balm of mercy reach everyone, both believers and those far away, as a sign that the Kingdom of God is already present in our midst!” (5. Misericordiae Vultus)







Greetings from Mobile, Alabama where we plan a big celebration on Sat. 24 with Sisters and Associates. We will have a special mass during this Year of Mercy with our celebrant, Fr. Eamonn Miley who has been leading us in the Mercy Prayer all year and will certainly do us proud in our Mercy Day Celebration. Will remember our Mercy family throughout the world. Blessings.

-Mary Riordan and community
United States


Loving wishes and blessings to all who are celebrating the story of mercy in the world this day.
I am part of a Committee organising the Sesquicentenary of the Former Bathurst Congregation
of the Sisters of Mercy in Australia. We are rejoicing in 150 years of active mercy ministry and loving community living.
We pass our story to those who will take it into the remainder of this century and wonder at the beauty
and dedication of all who have expressed it to this point. We celebrate especially on the last weekend in October and thank God
for the work of the Spirit in our lives over these years and into the future. Happy Feast of Our lady of Mercy.

- Paula Smith rsm
Bathurst, New South Wales


Happy Mercy Day!! May God love & continue to bless all of Our Mercy Sisters through-out the World!!!
On this, our Special Day of celebrating the rich Heritage left to us by our Beloved and Venerable Catherine!

- Ruth Hollen rsm
Mercy MidAtlantic


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