September 08, 2016

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The great feast that unites the Mercy world is Mercy Day, 24 September.
Sharing greetings online in this Year of Mercy when 24 September holds for us all an even greater significance.


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“A Lozenger of Mercy” is how one writer described Catherine McAuley. A lozenger sooths, comforts and relieves. This was Catherine’s vision and mission. As we live her vision, may we be lozengers of mercy in today’s world. On this feast of Our Lady of Mercy, during the Year of Mercy, we remember our Mercy Global Family. May Mary, Mother of Mercy, bless each one.
Happy Feastday.

- Philomena Bowers and the Union of the Sisters of Mercy of Great Britain


On behalf of the Sisters of Mercy, Parramatta, Australia and all our partners in ministry we are delighted to wish you a very happy Feastday. We hope that wherever you are you will have the opportunity to gather and give thanks for the wonderful gift of Mercy that is our legacy to share with our world and with all people. Happy Mercy Day!

Leadership Team, Parramatta: Catherine Ryan, Mary-Louise Petro, Maria Lawton, Catherine Harris and Margaret Jones


Greetings and blessings to Sisters of Mercy, Mercy Associates and partners in Mercy around the world. We will be praying for, and thinking of you all, when we gather on Mercy Day. On this special feast day, we will complete Stage 3 of our International Reflection Process, share in prayer and celebrate with lunch together.

-Mercy Associates, Cairns, Far North Queensland
ISMAPNG Northern Community


The directors of the Board of Mercy International Association extend Mercy Day Greetings to sisters, partners in ministry, Youth Mercies, associates and friends as we celebrate Mercy day.
May your engagement in the Year of Mercy and the Mercy International Reflection Process bring new energy and vision to Mercy in our world today.

- Denise Fox rsm
Chairperson MIA Board of directors


The Network for Mercy Education, and the schools and educational ministries which it serves, ask for blessings this Mercy Day on all who serve in and for the ministry of education.
We give thanks for our foundress and the gift of the Mercy charism which continues through time.
We give thanks for all those we serve who each day teach us how to be Mercy.
Happy Mercy Day.


Mercy, the principal path pointed out by Jesus Christ to those who are desirous of following Him, has in all ages of the Church excited the faithful in a particular manner to instruct and comfort the sick and dying poor, as in them they regarded the person of our Divine Teacher, who has said, "Amen, I say to you, as long as you did it to one of these my least brethren, you did it to Me."

MIRP group meeting in Madison CT is "excited" to wish those walking "the principal path of Mercy" a Happy Mercy Day! 




As we celebrate the Mercy Day in the Year of Mercy, we would like to convey our joyful greetings to everyone. Let us continue to give thanks to the Lord for His Mercy endures forever...for all eternity we, together with our lay partners will always be under the merciful gaze of our Heavenly Father.

-Religious Sisters of Mercy Philippines



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