September 15, 2016

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The great feast that unites the Mercy world is Mercy Day, 24 September.
Sharing greetings online in this Year of Mercy when 24 September holds for us all an even greater significance.


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Dear Sisters and Partners in Mercy/Queridas Hermanas y Compañeras,

Since our last Mercy Day, we have shared globally in rich and deep experiences: opening our holy doors of Mercy and participating in the electronic pilgrimage with the Stations of Mercy, in the April pilgrimage to Rome, and in the Mercy International Reflection Process. We have opened our holy doors of Mercy, we have walked through the doors, and we have welcomed the many others who have accepted our invitation to come in. In these moments and movements shared together, we have deepened our influence on the globalization of mercy, compassion and the struggle for ecological social justice (to echo Albert Nolan, op). And we are growing into new understandings of contemplative presence in contemplative space – personal contemplation, communal contemplation and global contemplation all interwoven and mutually enriching.

Now on this Mercy Day, let us rejoice that we Sisters of Mercy are living religious life in this time. Let us rejoice that we, with you our partners in Mercy, are enjoying new and energizing ways of walking together on our shared Mercy journey. In two months, the Year of Mercy comes to an end, but our holy doors of Mercy will never be closed. Today, let our promise be that we will open our doors even wider, that we will walk through them with greater confidence and certainty, that we will invite in so many who are still crying out for justice, and that we will truly treasure the holy ground which holds our doors secure.

¡Feliz Día de la Misericordia! Happy Mercy Day!
Sisters Elizabeth Davis, Sheila O’Dea, Elizabeth Marrie and Diane Smyth
For all our Sisters in Canada and Peru


On behalf of the Teachers, Children, Board of Directors and Parents of Mercy Montessori Center, Ohio
I extend our message of love, kindness and hospitality to all Mercy organizations.
It is our treasure to share the mission of Catherine!

Blessings and Peace,
Patty Normile
Mercy Montessori Center


Happy Mercy Day! May Mercy be shown by us to others especially those who need to be attended to for they have left their countries to avoid trouble and seek for peace. May God give us the grace to be of help to them so that these people can see God's Mercy through us.

- Elsie Abao


Greetings across the miles on the feast of Our Lady of Mercy 24th of September 2016 . Best wishes from all Mercy Sisters in the Kenyan Province, all our Mercy Associates, and all our collaborators in ministry. May this day be very special for each and everyone as we strive to make Catherine known and loved throughout the world . May each of us bring a heart of compassion to all we meet .
Blessings and love to all .

Sr Brigid Marnane
Kenyan Province


On this Mercy Day which falls in the Year Of Mercy we all blessed by Our lady of Mercy.
May Catherine keep us close to her and in pray always.
Lets us support each other in pray on Mercy Day.
keeping you all in pray and Happy Mercy Day

Anne Simons, Mercy Associate,

Canberra, Australia


Praying special greetings and prayer for all Mercy people on this special day 2016. Deep and grateful thanks for the dedicated team of colleagues outside of the consecrated life, who support us and carry with enthusiasm the inheritance of our dear Catherine McAuley for and with us.

Mother of Mercy: "Bless us all abundantly. Amen."


Leonie Martin RSM
Mercy Sisters Parramatta, Australia


Mercy Partners Council and staff wish all our mercy ministries every blessing on Mercy Day.

May Catherine McAuley’s audacious and courageous heart inspire you all.




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