September 19, 2016

Mercy Day in the Year of Mercy: Greetings for 2016. Page 5 of 6 linked pages

The great feast that unites the Mercy world is Mercy Day, 24 September.
Sharing greetings online in this Year of Mercy when 24 September holds for us all an even greater significance.


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Mercy Day Greetings from Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women in Rochester, New York. May the vision of Catherine continue to inspire all students and staff across the Mercy world.

-Sister Patricia Beairsto rsm 
Campus Minister


Greetings to the Mercy Family around the world. Wishing each of you a peace-filled and happy Mercy Day.I send special blessings to the Sisters Co-workers and,Associates who work with and for the many victims caught in the snares of traffickers,and hoping for the eradication of this crime against humanity.

-Catherine Gibbons
Northern Province
Congregation Ireland



Mercy Day Greetings to all in the Mercy Global Family
Dzien Milosierdzia pozdrowienia

Blessings and Peace from Poland
Mary O'Sullivan rsm


Nga mihi nui o te ra atawhai
Mercy Day Blessings

In response to a call from Pope Francs to mark this year as a Year of Mercy and through engaging in the MIRP process, Sisters of Mercy and our lay companions have been invited during Mercy Month to raise a collective voice on behalf of all who seek shelter.

The theme of ‘Te Whakaruruhau mo nga iwi katoa
—shelter for all’ has been chosen, to highlight the present plight of citizens living on the street, families living in inadequate and poor housing, rising costs of rentals and homes and at-risk elderly.
Reflected in the call for ‘shelter for all’ is our understanding of housing which is adequate, affordable and secure as a matter of right for all people.

In ‘Shelter for all’ we reflect too on ‘care for our common home’ and those people and species whose homes and habitats are affected by climate change, and those driven from their homes and homelands through war and internal conflict.

We are inspired, ever anew, by Catherine…
“Awhinatia te rawakore inaianei kaua e waiha mo tera wiki
The poor need help today not next week.” Catherine McAuley

….And so, companions and sisters, make our pilgrimage to the steps of Parliament Tuesday 20 September to keep vigil and to present letters and stories collected by Sisters and all Mercy ministries to members of parliament.

We honour the spirit of Our Lady of Mercy…
Late one night in 1832 Catherine carried home in her arms, wrapped in her black woollen shawl, the newborn baby of a poor woman who had died of cholera. Catherine put the baby to sleep in her own room. “To share one’s shawl is to reach out side by side, and embrace the shoulders, life and needs of another.” Mary C Sullivan rsm

…As we ‘wear’ our mercy shawls in the form of blankets and sleeping bags to Parliament to be then donated to those in need of protection and care.

As we celebrate the Mercy Day, may we wrap Te Krorwai o Te Atawhai –the Shawl of Mercy around each other to protect each precious life.

Katrina Fabish rsm
Nga Whaea Atawhai o Aotearoa
Sisters of Mercy New Zealand




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