September 09, 2020

Mercy Day Mass 2020: Now Available for Viewing

For a number of years, Mercy Day Mass has been live-streamed from the Chapel at Baggot Street. Current covid-19 restrictions on the size of gatherings has encouraged us to rethink our approach this year as it is not only Dublin that is experiencing restrictions.

We have pre-recorded the 2020 Mercy Day Mass It is available on this page for viewing at a time of your choosing from this, the eve of Mercy Day and after Mercy Day.

The Mass this year includes contributions from different parts of the world. We hope that it will serve as a particular gift to those of you who face restrictions at that time and are unable to celebrate as you usually do on this special day.  

Download the Mass Leaflet:

A4 Paper size US Letter size
Reflection: Berneice Loch rsm (A4) Reflection: Berneice Loch rsm (US Letter)
Words of Thanks: Berneice Loch rsm (A4) Words of Thanks: Berneice Loch rsm (US Letter)
La Reflexión: Berneice Loch rsm Palabras Finales: Berneice Loch rsm

Special thanks to Siobhan Golden, MGA Intern, for her work in providing Spanish translations.

A worksheet for younger students is also available:

A4 Paper size US Letter size

Click the maximise video icon  (4 arrows on right) in the slider to show the Mass in full screen

Messages to:

Berneice Loch rsm - CEO MIA
Anna Nicholls rsm - Head of Heritage & Spirituality

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