January 22, 2019

Mercy Education Pilgrimage 2019 Report

Eight educators from the United States and Australia came together from the 7th – 11th January for the first programme of the year. Immersing themselves in Catherine’s story, focussing on the educational dimension, why Catherine thought education was so important, the types of schools the early Sisters established, personal leadership, and using some of Catherine’s stories to identify a Mercy response to the issue of bullying, were just some of the topics covered by the group during the week.

The programme will run again from 8-12 January 2020. Details, including how to book, can be found here.

Download the flyer here

On conclusion of the week, participants told us that they were grateful to have been able to participate in such a programme, joining with others from around the globe and immersing themselves in every aspect of Catherine’s life story. They felt inspired to educate others to make a difference through the work they do, making it relevant to society today and remaining true to Catherine’s mission.

Messages to: Anna Nicholls rsm - Team Leader Heritage & Spirituality

Image L-R: Michael O'Sullivan (Aus), Megan Goodhew (Aus), Annie Drewry (US), Catherine Elliot (Aus), Lisa Griffith rsm (US), Margaret Myhan (US), Melissa Bullock (US), Ann Burke (Aus)

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