May 05, 2020

Mercy Focus on Haiti and its Work to address Food Insecurity in Haiti.

flora and her boys. Photo supplied by MFOH

When ultra-poor Haitian mothers have nothing to feed their children, they give them a sugar cane stalk to chew on to stave off painful hunger pangs.

In Haiti the pandemic has not yet hit with the full fury as it has elsewhere. But its effects are being felt and it is devastating.

 Before Convid-19 hunger was already a problem in Haiti. In a country of over 11million people at least 3.7 million (35%) were already in desperate need of a daily meal.

The most evident current effect the pandemic is having on our people in Haiti is a precipitous drop in remittances. When Haitians go abroad and get jobs they commonly send money home to help their relatives.

Our families in Haiti rely on these remittances for food and basic necessities. Jobs lost in the US and elsewhere by Haitians means family members in Haiti become more destitute. 

Mercy Focus on Haiti (MFOH) has been raising funds to meet these Humanitarian Needs in Gros Morne, Haiti where we minister.  This is a mountainous rural community of peasant farming families located in northern Haiti.

Working in collaboration with the Religious of Jesus and Mary and with our other partners on the ground in Haiti, we plan to send them funds to purchase locally available food for the most needy families in Gros Morne.

At a cost of $20 per family, a monthly distribution of rice, beans, cooking oil and seed packets for family gardens is in process and will continue as long as funds keep arriving. 

Our hope is to help at least 150 families a month. This means we need to raise $3,000 each month to help these families.  We invite you to join us in this work of Mercy.

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