January 18, 2022

Mercy Global Action Farewell’s Colleen Swain

On December 15, Mercy Global Action paid tribute to Colleen Swain who has been working with MGA for the past 5 years and is departing from the office to take up an Officer role with the US Coast Guard. Colleen hopes that her work with the Coast Guard will build on her leadership skills and enable her to further develop her understanding and work for the environment.  

Many throughout the Mercy World have worked and interacted with Colleen over these years and have experienced her as a Mercy Leader: faith-filled, professional, creative, and gracious.  For the past three years, Colleen has worked as program manager of the Mercy Global Action Emerging Leaders Fellowship (MELF) and has developed core resources and programs that have energized, challenged, and enriched women who are focusing on Mercy and Justice. Colleen was also a designated Mercy UN representative. Her work in that arena was extensive, particularly in environmental justice. Colleen participated in numerous UN NGO Committees, including the Mining Working Group, the Committee to Stop Trafficking in Persons, the NGO Committee on Migration, and others. She represented Mercy Global Action at numerous environmental COP’s and always shared her knowledge and understanding of these events widely. She participated in several Commissions on the Status of Women and was instrumental in planning many Mercy Side Events and Parallel events. 

Colleen also participated actively in leading sessions at the Young Mercy Leaders Conferences in Dublin. Many students who have made contact with Colleen over the years have been inspired by her passion and commitment to Mercy.   In a farewell speech to Colleen, Angela Reed rsm, Head of Mercy Global Action, thanked Colleen for her unique contribution to the work of Mercy. Drawing on the Gospel story of the visitation, Angela likened her encounters with Colleen as being like Mary and Elizabeth, full of anticipation, energy, excitement, and hope. 

We wish Colleen, all the very best in her new endeavor with the Coast Guard and pray that she will continue to be a beacon of hope to so many.

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