March 22, 2024

Mercy Global Action Launches 'Mercy Water Justice Coalition' on World Water Day 2024

This World Water Day, Mercy Global Action is pleased to announce the launch of the Mercy Water Justice Coalition! This Coalition forms a core part of the Mercy Water Campaign  our commitment to the United Nations Water Action Agenda  and it represents our response to the growing commodification, degradation, and depletion of Earth's precious water sources.

The aim of this Coalition is to identify 'Mercy Water Leaders' in all regions of the Mercy World. Mercy Water Leaders will be individuals (over the age of 18, or represented by someone over 18) who have an identified interest in water issues and are motivated to work alongside the MGA team to create and implement a 'Water Action Agenda' within their Mercy community  whether it be a school, university, congregation, ministry, or other organisation.

Through their Water Action Agenda, they will commit to several actions which seek to raise awareness of the multiple values of water and advocate for a rights-based approach to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 6: 'Clean Water & Sanitation'. Check out the Coalition Guide to see some of the possible commitments. 

We know that water has long been a focus for many Mercy communities. The Sisters of Mercy, alongside their Associates and partners worldwide, have responded to the impacts of water in all of its manifestations, including floods, droughts, contamination, and depletion. The hope of this Coalition is to consolidate these efforts, fostering a globally informed and unified ‘Mercy voice’ on water that is heard and valued at the United Nations.

If you are passionate about water issues and eager to put your Mercy organisation on the map as part of the global Mercy Water Justice Coalition, please submit an expression of interest below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Read the Coalition Guide in English
Read the Coalition Guide in Spanish
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