March 24, 2020

Mercy Global Presence: Gift In This Troubling Time Of COVID-19

We begin Segment Two with the first of our ‘Mercy’ themes —Faith Traditions & Mercy — in this time of Global Vulnerability.
We invite you to engage with this reflection, ‘Mercy Global Presence: Gift In This Troubling Time of COVID-19’ as your entry point for this Segment and theme.

'For the first time in human history, every woman, every man and every child on Earth is vulnerable. Persons worry about safety in their own homes while homeless persons have no place to stay. Older persons with COVID-19 worry that they will be denied priority while infected younger persons worry that resources will run out. Wealthy investors see the steep drop in the stock market while administrators seek to find just ways to treat employees as programs and offices close. Health care workers serve without proper protection, and government officials struggle to develop nation-wide responses. Persons with serious illnesses fear that COVID-19 patients will take all the attention and resources. Public health officials give their best advice without clear evidence, and ordinary persons try to protect each other. Congregational leaders seek the best way forward, and individual Sisters cope as best they can to follow these difficult ways. Not one person on this planet is able to live the way of life that had become comfortable for them. In the midst of this global vulnerability, does our Mercy Global Presence bring any hope or any wisdom?...'

Download the complete article (A4) Download the complete article (US Letter) Descargar el artículo completo (Tamaño de papel A4) Descargar el artículo completo (Tamaño carta, EE. UU.

—MGP Guiding Group

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