August 03, 2020

Mercy Global Presence - Invitation to Participate in Regional Conversations on Zoom

Some of the participants at the Region Two Gathering on 30 July

At a meeting at the conclusion of Mercy Global Presence Segment 2, 'New Foundations in Mercy', the coordinators in conversation with the Guiding Team considered the new learnings flowing from the use of Zoom and other electronic media during the time of the COVOD-19 pandemic. We wondered: Could there be global reflections on each of the four themes to complement the individual reflections and the group reflections?

The conversation commented on the challenges of time zones and, as a result, proposed regional gatherings at convenient times to enable broad participation, and with an openness to participants joining from across the regions as well.

Accordingly, there will be regional gatherings by Zoom, following the release of each of the four posters, with a fifth gathering focussing on the sets of posters from the first two Segments. Each gathering will last for one hour. Each gathering is open to Sisters, Associates and partners-in-Mercy.

In organising the times for the Regional Gatherings, we have been mindful of countries in each of the time zones where we have a Mercy presence, including:

  1. Regional Group One: Australia, Philippines, New Zealand,  Samoa, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Timor Leste, Vietnam and Guam.
  2. Regional Group Two: Ireland, the United Kingdom, Kenya, South Africa, South Sudan, Poland, India, Romania, Lebanon.
  3. Regional Group Three: Canada, United States, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Panamá, Guyana, Perú, Chile and Argentina, Jamaica, Brazil.

It is our hope that should there be members of the Mercy family in countries not named here, they will identify for themselves the most suitable time zone for participating in a gathering.

Dates for Second Set of Gatherings: Poster Two 'Mercy & Degradation of Earth'

We need you to register to participate in a gathering. This will enable us to build a meeting list, plan the session accounting for numbers, ensure you receive the link to the gathering room and to organise breakout rooms.

Bookings for the second set of gatherings have opened 

NB: The dates/start times listed below are given as Dublin time (IST). Click on the blue highlighted links labelled (Your time here) to find the time and day in your geographic location or another day and time that suits you better.

Regional Group One: Tuesday, 11 August at 1am (Your time here)
Regional Group Two: Thursday, 13 August at 10am IST  (Your time here)
Regional Group Three: Wednesday, 12 August at 10:30 pm IST (Your time here)


Once registered, you will receive details (within 72 hours) of how to join into the Zoom video conferencing room where the gathering will take place. 

Note: To participate in a gathering you will need access to a computer, iPad or tablet with the ability to play sound.

Click Here to Download the Poster 'Mercy and Degradation of Earth
Dates for Third Set of Gatherings: Poster Three 'Mercy & Displacement of Persons'

Bookings for the third set of gatherings will open on Monday, 17 August

Regional Group One: Tuesday, 25 August at 1am (Your time here)
Regional Group Two: Thursday, 27 August at 10am IST  (Your time here)
Regional Group Three: Wednesday, 26 August at 10:30 pm IST (Your time here)

Dates for Fourth Set of Gatherings : Poster Four 'New Foundations in Mercy'

Bookings for the fourth set of gatherings will open on Monday, 31 August

Regional Group One: Tuesday, 8 September at 1am IST (Your time here)
Regional Group Two: Tuesday, 8 September at 10am IST  (Your time here)
Regional Group Three: Wednesday, 9 September at 10:30 pm IST (Your time here)

Dates for Fifth (Final) Gathering: Flip Book

These dates are yet to be confirmed

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