October 01, 2019

Mercy Global Presence Process Has Commenced!

‘Global’ theme for first segment

The initial exploration of Mercy Global Presence centres on “Global,” the context in which all mercying happens.

Through the wisdom of many voices, new meanings of “global” will unfold over four months (September - December 2019). We begin with Cosmos/Cosmology.

How to Join us:

Visit the MGP microsite. Scroll down the page to Segment 1: Global to see the first theme Cosmos/Cosmology. 
Click on ‘View Themes’. A menu of eight options will be revealed.
Now you are able to explore the resources and to share your reflections with the Mercy family.

Note: The direct link to the microsite is: www.mercyglobalpresence.org

We invite your feedback online or to mgpfeedback@mercyinternational.ie

Messages to: MGP Guiding Group

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