September 17, 2007

Mercy High School Research Project (Americas)

My name is Josie Maxwell I am from Mercy High School, San Francisco. I teach a unit on Catherine McAuley and the Mercy Network.

The project for this unit is for each student to report on a different Mercy organization: schools, hospitals, retreat centers, mercy housing consortiums, care homes, homeless shelters, colleges, etc. etc.

Although I have about 125 organizations on my list, most of them are schools/hospitals in the United States and the Americas but I have included some in other countries e.g. England, Ireland, South Africa, Pakistan, some Australian schools etc.

I compiled myself based on organizations I’ve learned about.

I am open to having students report on Mercy organizations in other parts of the world that we don’t even know about.

If any of the readers/organizations of Mercy World E-News is interested in having my Mercy SF students do a report on their Mercy organization, they should send me an e-mail with the organization’s Website included so I can pass that on to the student who chooses to report on their organization.

Often, the student will make some e-mail contact with someone from the organization—time permitting.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing lots of presentations on the vast Mercy Network!!

Josie Maxwell

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