October 16, 2002

Mercy International Association Archives

In June this year the primary source material of the Mercy International Association was moved from Mercy International Centre to the Mercy Central Archive in the Catherine McAuley Centre, Herbert Street.

Aware of and sensitive to the value of this collection to all Mercy communities, the Mercy International Association, by moving the source materials to the Catherine McAuley Centre archives, aims to have the collection managed according to recognised archival standards, protected from theft, loss and damage. An access policy to the collection has been developed so that the collection is available to researchers. Artefacts will also be available to the curator of the Mercy International Centre archives as Mercy displays are prepared for the heritage room in Baggot Street.

The Collection of Papers relating to Catherine McAuley and early Sisters of Mercy 1778 – 1870 was donated to Mercy International Association by the Sisters of Mercy of Dublin and other Mercy Congregations after the establishment of Mercy International Association in 1992. The collection consists of part of the correspondence of Catherine McAuley and some of her spiritual writings; papers related to the development of the first rule and constitutions of the Sisters of Mercy; printed books used by Catherine and her companions; and correspondence of contemporaries of Catherine McAuley and early foundresses. The collection also includes papers and research relating to the Cause of Catherine McAuley from the 1930’s.

Ethel Bignell: miaexec@eircom.net

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