October 07, 2015

Mercy International Reflection Process Guiding Team Meet with Coordinators in Dublin

Editor: Coordinators from eight of the MIA Congregations and Institutes who were able to attend, gathered with the members of the Mercy International Reflection Process Guiding Team at Baggot Street from 28 September -1 October for an intensive four days of meetings in preparation for the implementation of the process during the Year of Mercy.

Back row l-r: Sheila Curren rsm, Elaine Wainwright rsm, Kathleen Rushton rsm, Anne Walsh, Adele Howard rsm Front row: Marianne Comfort, Helen Diviney rsm, Natalie Murphy rsm, Patricia McMahon rsm, Josephine Davies rsm, Teresa Anderson rsm, Elizabeth Marrie rsm Absent: Sandra Lupi rsm, Valda Dickinson rsm, Carmela Cabactulan rsm. Photo: Adele Howard rsm

This coming together enabled them to be guided through the four stage reflection process by Elaine Wainwright rsm, the International Director, and made it possible for the Communications Director, Anne Walsh, to present the philosophy of MIA online communications and to explore the principles, platforms (technologies) including  the Mercyworld.org website and  Mercy E-news. and the practices of our shared communications for this process.

Coordinators were able to experience the process then share questions and insights and clarify understandings. By forming a group undertaking the process they were a microcosm of the many groups that will be formed across the Mercy world when the process gets underway. This experience also enabled them to discover the support that they will be able to give one another across the process through forming a global circle of Mercy interconnectedness.

Throughout the week we were very conscious of the support of the MIA Members and Board which we experienced in tangible ways: in the formal welcome to Baggot Street and our shared undertaking by Mary Reynolds rsm, Executive Director MIA who has oversight of the implementation of the project; in the unfolding by Elizabeth Davis rsm (via skype) of the story of the weaving together of the many threads of the past ten years that have brought the Mercy world to this kairos moment, and in the Blessing and Commissioning by Margaret Casey rsm, Congregational Leader (The Congregation), MIA Member and MIA Board Member on behalf of the Members and the Board. Sr Margaret's prayer invited us to 'recreate and reform Mercy in a world that is in need of mercy, that Mercy might have a new face, a new expression, a new energy into the next number of years'.

The Coordinators have now returned to their congregations and institutes very well-equipped for the task of training local Facilitators and guiding the process in their congregations and institutes.

More news of the outcomes of "The Dublin Intensive" will be shared through local communication channels over the coming weeks as the preparations to commence the implementation come to fruition.

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