October 08, 2007

Mercy International Research Conference

“Fire cast on the earth – kindling’: being Mercy in the Twenty-first Century”, 9-13 November 2007

This Conference organized by the Mercy International Research Commission will take place in the Mercy Centre, Burlingame, California, from 9 - 13 November 2007. Some sixteen papers will be presented by speakers from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the Philippines, United States of America, Newfoundland, Honduras, Jamaica, Tonga, and Guyana. Using a theological reflection, the Conference participants will attempt to explore the fundamental social and global trends that emerge from these papers and that underpin and ultimately shape our efforts to be MERCY in the twenty-first century. The papers and the fruits of the discussions will be disseminated in due course and it is the hope of MIRC that they will challenge Mercy women to engage in ongoing dialogue between the Word of God and life as we read the signs of our times with the eyes of God and with our women’s hearts. We would ask you to continue to pray for the success of this important Conference.

The prayer for the conference is:
God of Mercy and Justice, we ask you, through the intercession of Catherine McAuley and all our founding Mercy pioneers throughout the world, to bless with your guidance and wisdom those involved in the forthcoming Mercy International Research Conference. We pray, with confidence in your abiding call to us, that this conference will be truly fruitful for the Mercy world and beyond.


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