April 08, 2019

Mercy Mission and Heritage Centre North Sydney

The Mission & Heritage Centre was established in June 2018 as a celebration of the Monte Mercy story which began here in Sydney at the Rocks with the arrival of Elizabeth McQuoin on 15 November 1865. The centre embraces Elizabeth’s story and her legacy to the Sydney community.

The Monte Mercy story is about Health Care, Education, Indigenous issues, Child Care, Aged Care, Social Issues and support for women in need.

As we promote Elizabeth’s story, we provide an experience of looking at the Mercy Story through a different lens.  The Mercy Mission and Heritage Centre challenges those who visit  to continue to bring to life Mercy Values as they may be lived in today’s world!  It is a legacy to present and  future generations.`

The Mission and Heritage Centre focuses on:

  • Mercy education from its beginnings at The Rocks
  • The establishment and development of the Mater Hospital Crows Nest
  • The Monte Mercy Sisters’ response to the social calls of society over the past 150+ years

The Centre was established in Stormanston House to preserve and share our Mercy Story.

The upstairs area of Stormanston House Sydney was vacant at the time of planning and was an ideal location for the Centre with a well established conference room downstairs enabling both Mission and Heritage to merge.

Some Views of the Centre's features

The Mission and Heritage Centre enhances the activities held in the Conference Section. The Centre is used as a resource for staff  professional development days on Mercy, as well as Mercy Excursions for students of past and present  Mercy Schools. Leadership programs for students in these schools are also conducted, as are Reflection Days for Mercy Six. The Staff of the Mater Crows Nest and the Mercy Foundation also use it as a resource. Ideally situated, its location borders the Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College Campus and the Congregation Administrative Center.  

It is important to preserve & share the North Sydney Mercy story for how do we know where we are going unless we know where we have come from?

In our world today we see so much instability with some of our world leaders refusing to look at the past or seek the reason why injustices occur  whilst  they create their own empires.  The Gospel story is our foundation story and seeing ordinary human beings like Catherine McAuley and Elizabeth McQuoin live it extraordinarily well, is both a gift and a challenge to our present and future generations. 

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