July 10, 2011

Mercy Network on Aging (MNOA)

MNOA Statement of Purpose

Our purpose is threefold:
1. To foster networking among Sisters of Mercy and lay professionals who work in the field of aging within Mercy Sponsorship.
2. To plan a national conference every 2-3 years addressing current topics in the field of aging as it relates to Mercy sponsorship, charism, values, and Catholic identity.
3. To continually learn from each other to pioneer innovative approaches to meet the ongoing needs of the aging population.

Conference Objectives:
• To understand and celebrate the richness of aging experiences as they pertain to spirituality, best practice models, and practical approaches.
• To learn innovative approaches to meet the individual needs of older adults.
• To affirm and energise the caregiver.
14th National Conference on Aging October 6, 7, 8, 2011 Charlotte, North Carolina
Patricia McDermott rsm , Dee Leeman, Julie E. Keaveney,
Richard Mary Burke rsm

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