September 11, 2018

Mercy Participates in Rise for Climate

Srs of Mercy from Hartford, Rhode Island, USA

Last weekend, 8-9 September, more than 250,000 people took part in over 900 'Rise for Climate' events in 95 countries on all 7 continents. In the words of Christiana Figueres (former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and convener of Mission 2020) and May Boeve (Executive Director at, 'The Masses are Mobilising for Climate Leadership'. MIA is a partner organisation and many Sisters of Mercy (some pictured here) were among the participants.

The events within the Rise For Climate mobilisation called for political steps to phase out fossil fuels and to provide prompt and just transition towards 100% renewable energy sources for everyone. A short video of highlights from the global events can be watched here (01:14). Updates will continue to appear in MercyeNews, or you can sign up on the 'Rise for Climate' site to receive email updates directly from, Climate Action Network, Greenfaith, and DCJ (Demand Climate Justice).

Follow the Global Climate Action Summit (12-14 September 2018) here

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