August 07, 2013

Mercy School Competing to Support Mercy Beyond Borders! Help us do it!

Help Mother of Mercy High OH in their quest to support Mercy Beyond Borders

Mother of Mercy High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA has been spending our summer break competing in a national social media competition to try and win $10,000 for charity!

After beating over 20 companies in Cincinnati to win the local round, we have now advanced to the Final Four of the National round beating 40 organizations across the United States!

Using our Facebook and Twitter accounts we have been engaging with followers who support the mission of Mercy. The social media engagement is measured and results in points for the contest. Should we win the $10,000 we will donate it to Mercy Beyond Borders, a non-profit organization founded by  Marilyn Lacey rsm in 2008. The donation will help support educational scholarships for women and girls in Haiti and South Sudan.

How can you help Mother of Mercy?

  • Follow Mother of Mercy on Facebook ( Then, like, comment and share their posts. The competition is using an algorithm to measure social media engagement against their competitor to increase their score.
  • Follow Mother of Mercy on Twitter at @MMHBobcats1. Favorite and/or retweet their tweets as those interactions are also being measured.
  • Visit, select the city of your choice and vote for Mother of Mercy in the medium category daily. You can vote once a day. You may be asked to sign in- it is a short sign in process and does not result in unwanted emails. It is just to verify that you are indeed a person voting and not an automated system.

- Invite your friends, family and co-workers to do steps 1-3! Mercy is about community and supporting one another. We are excited to be sharing our mission with the local community and across the country, and now we are ready to show how the Mercy spirit wraps around the world!


Thanks for your support!
Jenny Kroner Jackson '00
Communications & PR Specialist
Mother of Mercy High School
Cincinnati, OH, USA

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