September 15, 2007

Mercy Schools and World Youth Day

Mercy Schools Conference Sydney 2008

As part of the World Youth Day celebrations in Sydney, Australia, the 5 Sydney Mercy schools are extending an invitation to 16 – 17 year old current students from Mercy schools to attend a conference to be held at Monte Sant' Angelo North Sydney on Monday the 14th July 2008. However, if you have a Mercy group that does not fit this criteria and would be still interested in attending please contact us.

The likely format of the day will involve:

  • key note speakers sharing their experiences of Mercy
  • workshops where participants have an opportunity to explore, and share with others, what it means to be Mercy at their school and how that can be developed and expanded upon long after WYD.
  • opportunities for participants of the conference to interact with a variety of organisations involved in social justice and environmental issues.

At this stage of planning we are calling for expressions of interest, which should also include the number of participants likely to be attending. Due to restrictions of our site the number of participants will be limited to a maximum of 800. Please send expressions of interest to me by October 31st 2007.

World Youth Day

It is important that if you also intend to be involved in the WYD activities from the 15th – 20th of July that you register at the official youth day website

When registering, please indicate that you are from a Mercy school/ Community. The hope is that all Mercy Schools will be accommodated together in one location – but more information on this will not be available until March 2008.

We look forward to meeting you

Ann-Marie Herd
Mercy Schools World Youth Day Coordinator.
Sydney, Australia

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