November 16, 2013

Message from Mercy Leader in the Philippines to the Mercy World

Dear Sisters, Colleagues and Friends of Mercy.
The message below was received, unexpectedly but gratefully, Friday morning, 15 November. Sr M Carmela Cabactulan is the Sister Superior of the Religious Sisters of Mercy Philippines, based in Tacloban.

We have chosen to send her message on to you today so you hear first hand exactly how the situation is for our Sisters in the Philippines.
Thank you for your prayers and practical support.

Mary Reynolds rsm
- Executive Director MIA
'Dear Mercy International,

Many thanks for expressing your great concern for us in Tacloban.
As I am writing this, I can't stop crying for I wanted very much to communicate with you right after the horrifying typhoon when I felt very helpless because all communications in Tacloban got cut off as we lost electricity and cellular sites, and so difficult to get transportation to find ways of communicating with anyone.
Roads were blocked with toppled down electric posts, trees and debris from buildings blown away. Worst of all are the dead bodies scattered around.
I felt very uncomfortable feeling holed-in in our convent-motherhouse compound. I even thought only 85% of the school buildings and equipment got destroyed as I couldn't go beyond other parts of our school being blocked by fallen trees and galvanized iron from the rooftops. When we were able to clear the surroundings a little bit I realized that we can't open the school for classes because destruction is nearly 100%.
Our new Hospital is still standing but one side of the main building got broken doors and windows. The Out-Patient Department which happens to be a separate building with kitchen and laundry with equipment located on its ground floor got 100% destroyed...
The safest way to send help is Mercy International Association/Center or Convent of Mercy, St. Maries of the Isle, Cork City, Ireland.
Many thanks again for your great concern. Please keep us in your prayers. I am in our mission house in Cagayan de Oro City doing all needed communications. It is a 14-hour bus ride to the southern part of the Philippines in the island of Mindanao.
Many thanks again & God bless.
In God's mercy,

Image: Sr M Carmela Cabactulan - Sister Superior of the Religious Sisters of Mercy Philippines taken in her office in 2010 in happier times. MIA file image.


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