September 27, 2014

Messages Received from the Mercy World #17

Thank you to all who have sent messages for Mercy Day and for the 20th Anniversary Celebrations (23-29 September, 2014). Send your messages to:

Today, Saturday September 27th, more than 110 Sisters from the Brisbane Congregation and from ISMAPNG living in South East Queensland gathered to share the celebration of Mercy Day. Catharine Courtney rsm presented on the theme of Human Trafficking – Catherine had participated in the MIA sponsored Advocacy Experience at the United Nations headquarters in New York, in May 2013 This was an excellent introduction to our viewing of the Ritual on Opposing Trafficking which had been prepared by Australia.


As with each of the Rituals we have viewed, it was of great interest to identify faces in the crowd of sisters known to us. Many Sisters commented on how moving it has been to share in the various Rituals, knowing that we are part of the international picture.


Sisters at the Brisbane gathering listening to a presentation by our Catharine Courteney rsm


Congratulations to all who have prepared the Rituals etc and especially to Adele and Anne and their team, who have brought the events held in Catherine’s house into our local settings.

Mary Lawson rsm
Congregation Leadership Team
Sisters of Mercy Brisbane

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