September 28, 2014

Messages Received from the Mercy World #19

Thank you to all who have sent messages for Mercy Day and for the 20th Anniversary Celebrations (23-29 September, 2014). Send your messages to:


It was wonderful to join with you all at MIA yesterday about 12 noon. It took Mary Lawson a while for the link to work, but finally we got it!!!

How good to see you all and especially our Aussies. Congratulations on the Ritual. I heard the Rain stick loud and clear and of course theDidgeridoo
Catharine Courtney gave a wonderful presentation on Trafficking and then we were all ready to be present in the ritual. Catharine's sister Trish was buried only on Friday, so life and death were very near to us all who had attended the really lovely celebration of Trish's life at Holy Spirit Chapel, Carseldine.

Do remember us all in Catherine's House and at her Tomb.

Loving Blessings
Ruth Wyatte rsm
Brisbane, Australia.


Dear Mary and Mercy International,

Thank you so much for your great support to us in Tacloban, Philippines in our ordeal with the great destruction we got from Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. In return, we gratefully congratulate you all for the great blessings in the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of MIA/MIC. We are one with you in spirit as we faithfully recite in community the prescribed prayer for MIA.

We are very pleased with updates from our representative Sr. Mary Raphael Amante who will be leading the ritual tomorrow, Sept. 29 , the last day of the celebration. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to be represented as active participant in the celebration.

Blessings in Mercy,

Carmela Cabactulan rsm
Sister Superior
The Religious Sisters of Mercy (Philippines)


Greetings from Aotearoa New Zealand

We have lit our chapter candle and are joining you in prayer from 'the ends of the earth'!

Joining in


Sending a greeting to us all






Thank you, Mary, Adele, Anne and all responsible for the wonderful opportunity I/we have had to partake in the 20 Year celebrations from afar. I was able to see the first two days live at home and to participate in the Friday Australian-led liturgy at our Congregation Celebration at Bardon yesterday. Unfortunately, my computer is now on slow speed making it unfriendly to viewing until Thursday. I look forward to viewing the archived articles after that.
Blessings to you all at Baggot Street and to all the places you represent.

Patricia Sullivan rsm
Brisbane Congregation


Congratulations to Adele and all the Team who work miracles each day in connecting us all around the globe to you all who are celebrating in Catherine's
home in Dublin. I am overjoyed as I watch and listen to the wonderful liturgies and talks and am uplifted and feel so blessed to be part of this great celebration.
It's also good to recognize some familiar faces of my friends who are there enjoying the special time.
Maureen Lohrey


Dear Mary and your extensive team,

This week has been a feast of mercy. On the east coast of Australia, most of the live transmission began at 7pm when many people would tune in to the news. Instead we got the Mercy news, and the ability to be with you almost physically-at least simultaneously. Of course we got distracted looking for people in the audience whom we knew. Still looking for Anne Hetherington. Must have been heaps of washing up!

It was also a good time of the day for gathering over a meal, and I shared a few of them with friends as we tuned in. Thanks, too, for the technical help. I have always wanted to connect my laptop to the TV and now I have the gear! and it works!

Again, many, many thanks.
Mary Tinney,
Brisbane, Qld, Australia


Dear MIA,

The children of St Peters' School in San Francisco, CA are praying for you and thanking God for you.

--Sister Marian Rose Power



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